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Neurological Organization

This is all about connecting the wires in the old gray matter, a process done between the birth and 6, 7 or 8 depending on the neurophysiologist and the kid. The place to call/write is:

The Institutes for the Achievement for Human Potential

8801 Stenton Avenue

Wyndmoor, Pa. 19038


The last thing I thought I would ever do is home school my children.  I was working for the Mike Douglas Show when my son was 18 months old--a dear friend had heard about this place that had some interesting ideas...I signed up for the week long course, and mid-week called the folks back at the tv station and told them I had found something else to do--something vital, profound, exhilarating, and just plain fun. I quit big time tv and  home schooled my son until he was 10, my daughter from birth to 8.  The key was understanding how the brain grows. It is an incredibly joyous experience, one which I can recommend sincerely to anyone with small children or contemplating having children.

If anyone has a brain-injured child, please contact the folks here at the Institutes.  They have spent over fifty years getting hurt kids well--by teaching their parents how to do it.  Miracles happen every day because of Glenn Doman and what he has learned and shared with so many.   My daughter had two brain injuries, one from birth, and the other from a life-threatening fall.  You would never know it now, for at 23 she is a most remarkable and accomplished woman.  Thanks, Glenn--from the depths of my soul and heart.

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