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Dharma Days (from "Dakini Teachings")

Master Padma said: Even though you have taken so many rebirths since beginningless time, you have not accomplished the welfare of yourself and others. Now, in this body, you should accomplish the benefit of self and others.

Even though you have incarnated so many times in the past, you had no opportunity to train in the Dharma but only plunged further into the dungeon of samsaric existence. Now exert yourself in training in the Mahayana teachings during this brief time while you have met the Dharma.

Keep company with those who increase virtue. Give up friends who increase misdeeds.

Do not restlessly hanker after things like a dog or a hungry ghost, but rest loosely by means of applying the remedies. If you tire yourself with restless hankering, you will agitate your own mind with evil deeds, and through that the minds of others. Thus you will accumulate misdeeds.

If you consider even slight discomfort to be suffering, it will grow to be more painful. You will find no happiness unless you let your mind rest loosely.

Do not pursue former suffering. Everything, whether good or bad, is past and gone. Do not anticipate future suffering.

No matter what suffering may befall you now, do not give in to it, but develop courage again and again.

In any case, if you do not apply the remedies to your mind, suffering will never cease. Relax your mind in its natural state without modifying or spoiling it and turn it gently to what is virtuous.

Do not desire anything other than omniscient buddhahood and benefiting sentient beings.

Do not be attached to anything. Attachment itself is the root of bondage.

Do not criticize other teachings and do not disparage people. All the teachings are ultimately indivisible, like the taste of salt.

Do not criticize any of the higher and lower vehicles. They are identical in the path to be journeyed, just like the steps of a staircase.

You cannot know another person unless you can perceive with superknowledge. So do not criticize others.

In general, all sentient beings are by their very nature spontaneously perfect buddhas. They possess the essence of enlightenment. Do not examine other people's faults or delusions.

Do not examine the limitations of others. Examine how you can change your own.

Do not examine the shortcomings of others but examine your own shortcomings.

The greatest of evils is to hold prejudice and to criticize other people without knowing their mind. So give up prejudice as if it were poison.

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